Good health in the fall, the 13th lecture: How much does the emergency acupuncture point know?

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Good health in the fall, the 13th lecture: How much does the emergency acupuncture point know?

Good health in the fall, the 13th lecture: How much does the emergency acupuncture point know?

The theory of meridians and meridians of traditional Chinese medicine is profound and profound. The massage points can dredge the meridians and alternately to maintain health and prolong the years. Sometimes they can be rescued at critical moments.

Laogong acupoint – the blood pressure suddenly rises to make a fist, the middle finger tip is the Laogong point.

Hypertensive patients can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure due to anger, anger or excitement. At this time, they can suffocate the labor palace.

Use your thumb to start decaying from the Labor Palace of the other hand, press each fingertip one by one, and insert the left and right hands alternately.

The sudden increase in blood pressure after aggravation can be reduced.

Yanglingquan points – gallbladder patients with cholecystitis, gallstone disease, there may be obesity in the right upper abdomen, at this time can be used to acupoint pain.

Look for the tender point under the small head of the right rib of the right calf, namely Yanglingquan.

Use two thumbs to separate the Yanglingquan points of the two calves.

Continue to massage for two minutes to get good results.

Zhiyang Point-Angina Pectoris to Yang Point is located in the depression of the seventh thoracic spinous process.

When taking the lying position, when the arm is lowered, the lower middle edge of the upper and lower shoulders is the highest point at the midpoint of the back line.

When angina pectoris occurs, the thinker is often accompanied by retinal pressure and suffocation.

At this point, the patient can hold a handful of coins.

Squeeze to the acupoint with the edge of the coin.

3-6 minutes per second, angina can be alleviated.

Sanyinjiao-renal colic Sanyinjiao is located 3 inches above the foot depression.

Renal colic is acute acute pain in the kidney caused by urinary calculi.

When the pain suddenly occurs, the patient can press the thumb to press the point of the Sanyinjiao.

Repeated compression for 3-5 minutes, renal colic can be relieved.

Kunlun Point – Nose Bleeding When a nosebleed occurs, the Kunlun point of the heel (the depression between the fracture joint and the calcaneus) can be quickly kneaded.

Top nose bleeding knead the right heel, right nose bleeding kneading left heel, hemostasis can be relieved.

Hegu-halo-combination is located between the first and second metacarpal and the second metacarpal, slightly closer to the second metacarpal.

When the patient is fainting due to heat stroke, collapse, etc., the patient can use the thumb to knead the patient’s Hegu.

Keep pressing 揉 2?
After 3 minutes, symptoms such as syncope can be alleviated.

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