In the morning, I have a hard time and can’t do without these eight reasons!

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In the morning, I have a hard time and can’t do without these eight reasons!

Use it to soak in water and it will take effect in a few days.

In the morning, I have a hard time and can’t do without these eight reasons!
Use it to soak in water and it will take effect in a few days.

Many people have this problem: wake up and dry and bitter.

Too many people think that this is caused by the fire, but in fact, this may be the disease to find the door!

1 oral disease usually brush your teeth is not careful, do not pay attention to clean the gap between the teeth, will lead to excessive bacteria in the mouth, and even cause oral ulcers, gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases, and the symptoms of bitterness.

2 liver fire and liver and gallbladder connected, people with liver fire often cause excessive secretion of bile, and rising gallbladder may cause bitterness.

Among them, the actual fire is more common, the tongue is red or yellow, the urine is less yellow, and constipation.

The virtual fire is more common, dry, tired, tongue-free, hot flashes, night sweats, weak waist and knees.

The people in the real fire are advised to drink Kudingcha to reduce the fire, while the virtual fire is recommended to drink chrysanthemum tea.

Massage the abdomen to the liver fire: During the massage, the patient takes a supine position, relaxes the whole body, and keeps the breathing evenly; press the left hand palm above the abdomen of the abdomen, and place the right hand on the left hand; then first clockwise around the umbilical abdomen 50 times, thenPress 揉 50 times counterclockwise.

3 people with stomach fire and stomach will feel less water in the body, love to drink water, love to eat cold things, strong appetite, eat more, but soon after eating will feel tired, prone to constipation and other symptoms.

Yellow-green vegetables and seasonal fruits should be added to the diet. Try 1g of berberine, 5g of sage leaves, and boil water; slowly drink.

Massage Jiexi Point: Jiexi Point is located in the central depression of the horizontal line at the junction of the instep and the calf. It has the effect of relieving tooth pain and removing stomach fire.

4 Hearts and fires Relatively speaking, women are more prone to symptoms of heartburn, most of which are caused by poor daily living habits.

Among them, the actual fire is manifested as upset, irritated, and flushed at the tip of the tongue.

Virtual fire usually manifests as low heat, night sweats, insomnia, etc.

Real fire is recommended to drink lotus seed tea.

Put 3 grams of lotus seed into the bowl, brew with boiling water, and cover the smoldering bubble 5?
Place after 10 minutes.

1 dose per day.

The virtual fire suggests drinking lily and white fungus lotus seeds.

First put 30 grams of water and white fungus and lotus seeds into the pot, add boiled water for 30 minutes, then add 20 grams of lily and the right amount of rock sugar, continue to cook for 20 minutes, until the lotus seeds are soft and rotten, the soup can be thick.

5 Gastrointestinal diseases Digestive system diseases such as peptic ulcer, enteritis, gastritis, functional dyspepsia, etc., will cause abdominal distension and turbidity, causing pain in the mouth, and the “stomach heat” caused by Chinese medicine also belongs to bitterness.Type of situation.

Boil the money grass for 30 minutes, go to the residue, and replace it with tea.

Heartburn is particularly effective for bitterness caused by bile reflux gastritis.

6 vitamin B2 deficiency lack of vitamin b2, often dry mouth, will lead to mouth ulcers, throat, tongue ulcers and other issues.

Milk and its products, animal liver and kidney, egg yolk, carrots, mushrooms, seaweed and other foods are rich in vitamin B2, usually in moderation and more intake.

7 Chronic diseases Certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high blood lipids, can also affect people’s taste and lead to abnormal mouth odor.

Diabetes that are common in the elderly population can cause the secretion of the body fluid to diminish, and it is easy for the sick elderly to feel dry mouth and bitterness.

8 Be wary of cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer, and even female diabetes.

In his research report, Dr. Devis, an American medical scientist, pointed out that cancer patients have elevated sweetness valves and lower bitterness valves, so they often feel bitter in the mouth.

Source: JSBC Wanjia Lights Editor: Gao Jiming Review: Zhu Xi is at 7:00 every morning to pay attention to health care in China (yangsheng-cn) every day to learn about the health of the people?
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